Charlie's Place-CHarlie himself

After coming to America with my father in December of 1972, I started working at Phillipes Pizza in New London, CT.  Two years later, my father and I decided to work for ourselves and purchased Golden Pizza on Rt 12 in Preston, CT.  After a few years I decided to return to Greece to find the love of my life, and sold the business.  My loving wife Penny and I had our first child in Greece then 3 months later went back to America after being told by my Uncle that Bonas Pizza was for sale in Old Lyme, CT.  So in 1980 we had our second child and settled in with our family and our business, Pizza Palace.  In 1992 we decided to sell again, to family this time, and came to Niantic and became the owners of Seashell Restaurant which was on Pennsylvania Avenue, when yet again another opportunity arose when David Johns Restaurant was for sale on West Main Street, and we took it and renamed it Niantic Diner, Now Charlie's Restaurant.  Being in the restaurant business for so many years, we are glad to bring you great service and great food in a comfortable setting for you and your family!


Executive chef - pitmaster pete

Pete Daversa grew up in Niantic, Connecticut - a small town on the southeastern shoreline. His fascination with food and the culinary world began as a kid growing up around his mother's cooking and with his first job at King Neptune's Fish Market. As time went on, he developed a personal passion for barbecue, spending his free time smoking ribs and brisket for family and friends any chance he could get. 

After a decade of working in the IT industry, Pete decided to switch gears and pursue his culinary dream. He moved to New York City and graduated from the Culinary Arts program at the Institute of Culinary Education. He honed that love of barbecue for the next two years at Danny Meyer's Blue Smoke. 

Pete joined the Hill Country Barbecue team in June 2007, shortly after the restaurant's opening. He was quickly promoted through the ranks at Hill Country, finally achieving the role of Pitmaster/Chef de Cuisine. He was thrilled to be sharing in the successes of the award-winning Hill Country Barbecue and living his barbecue dream. 

In 2011 Pete took his Barbecue skills abroad. Having been recruited by Dining Concepts to run Blue Smoke in Hong Kong, the only “American Style Barbecue” Restaurant in all of Asia. While His stay in Hong Kong only lasted one year, he was able to share his knowledge of a very misunderstood American cuisine, not only with the local chef ‘s but the local population. 

In 2012 Pete was then recruited to open the Big Easy BBQ and Crab Shack in Covent Garden, London. This 11000 sq ft restaurant turned out to be London’s premier bbq restaurant winning several awards including best bbq and best ribs 

in the U.K. Pete stayed in London for three years until finally moving home in 2015 to plant some roots. Pete Joined Charlie’s Place in august 2017 as the Executive Chef and Pitmaster.